Conquer without limits, challenge beyond the infinite. TENKER sets out push the boundaries in development of new product design. We strive to offer the latest, in-demand tech products at affordable prices for everyone to enjoy.


It is within our vision to research the latest consumer trends to create trendy tech gadgets you’ll love.



We design products that enhance your daily life, without costing the earth.



Our #1-rated tech support, along with our customer service team is on standby 24/7 should you ever need us.



We ship to you fast, free and securely for complete peace of mind.

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From modern HDMI digital projectors and portable DVD players to the latest high-tech car jump starters and drones, TENKER has something for everyone, and with so many more products coming soon, be sure to follow us.

Our Environmental Aim

To help earth be better is more important than business itself and to be committed to improving the life of humanity is something for the whole world to strive for.
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What Our Buyers Say

“I am amazed by the progress made over the past few years in making these Quadcopters cheaper and easier to fly. This one ticks off both of those boxes. This is what I have never noticed, this is really a very tough, good and smart product. I would really prefer to buy more as gift for my friends.”

“This is my first projector. I have wanted one for awhile but my husband has been really hesitant on getting one. So, after some research and searching online, I decided to purchase this projector. I am glad that I did. My husband loves it and is super happy with my purchase.”

“This is a great DVD player and super easy to use. This is important to us because not only do we have kids, I have a husband ( who is not tech savvy) who is using this for workout videos. It is very “Plug and Play” and comes with all the accessories that I would expect. ”